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26, 27 & 28 May 2017, TANA Conference, Saint Louis, USA.

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27th, May
Time Duration Name Speakers Host
1.30 pm 30 mins RATIONALIST FORUM LAUNCH Guests Vasudha Koduru
2.00 pm 60 mins KEY NOTE SPEECH (Reason and Reform with Q & A) Babu Gogineni Ram Gangaraju
3.00 pm 15 mins SHORT FILM ON ‘UNTOUCHABILITY’ Produced by Banjara Movies in association with SAHA అంటురానితనం by Dr. Anand Kumar Venkat Allu
3.15 pm 30 mins CASTE IS CANCER SAHA’s Challenge Invitation and DNA project launch Dr. Madhvi Potluri Babu Gogineni
4.00 pm 30 mins PANCHANGAM The Indian almanac viewed by a Scientist Ramana Juvvadi Jyothsna
4.30 pm 30 mins HUMANIST RITES OF PASSAGE Can Humanists and Rationalists have their own ceremonies? Guests Ramana Juvvadi
5.00 pm 60 mins CASTE & POLITICS With Q & A KC Chekuri Dr. Madhvi Potluri

28th, May
Time Duration Name Speakers Host
11.30 am 60 mins ఉన్నాడా? లేడా? OPEN HEART WITH BABU GOGINENI with audience interaction Babu Gogineni and KC Chekuri SAHA
12.30 pm 30 mins మానవ వాదం, తెలుగు సినిమా A conversation between two Humanists and Rationalists in the film industry about Humanism and Telugu films Nandi Awardee Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty & Producer Nagamalla Reddy SAHA
2.00 pm

120 mins

WORLD PREMIERE OF CHILDREN’S FILM ఎగిసే తారాజువ్వలు – Rising Stars Classic and fun conflict between Science and Tradition in a School setting CHILDREN TEACHING Director: Mahesh Kathi Producer: Nagamalla Reddy Presenter: Arun Gogineni Ram Gangaraju
3.30 pm 20 mins CHILDREN 1st Indian Science Film Series by a child HOW ON EARTH?    
4.00 pm (parallel session) 120 mins ROUND TABLE Universal Values Immigrants, Rights, Women’s Issues, Cultural Conflicts and Jobs in Tough Times Kate Lovelady (Leader, Ethical Society), James Croft (Outreach Director, Ethical Society), Babu Gogineni (International Humanist Activist). Kathleen Kelley Rationalist Society of St Louis
4.00 pm (parallel session) 120 mins SCIENCE FOR YOUTH Short Film: Children Teach Children Science Quiz Science Fair Awards Arun Gogineni Ram Gangaraju Nagamalla Reddy Viplava
6.00 pm 15 mins CLOSING - SAHA TEAM

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